5 Brilliant Tips For Using Cosmetic Glitter

I am a girl, and I have to say that the glitter cosmetics are really attractive, whether it is eye shadow or lipstick, it arouses my desire to buy!


 Glitter Cosmetics Wholesale


Why Are Glitter Cosmetics So Attractive?

Make-up products with glitter glitter will add luster to the face and make you look more energetic. It is especially suitable for painting on festivals. However, the choice and use of glitter cosmetic products should also be paid special attention. The size and texture of glitter determine The exquisiteness of the makeup and the wrong way of using it will also greatly reduce the makeup.


In this regard, I think people in the cosmetics industry really want to get a reliable supplier who has cosmetic glitter wholesale, Qiansecai is a expert in glitter industry. You are not missing. In our company, most of them are made of PET material that can withstand higher temperatures. Below pictures for your reference.


PET Glitter Powder For Cosmetic

PET Glitter Powder

PET Glitter Powder


How to use it?


1. Eyeliner

This kind of glitter eyeliner with glitter particles will make your eyes more radiant, and the effect is more natural, especially in the black liquid eyeliner with glitter particles, it can make the eyeliner softer, less powerful, and more Be a little gentle.


2. Highlight Pen

The simple and convenient way to use the highlighter for brightening the forehead, bridge of the nose, and chin is very popular with makeup experts. Novices can also learn to give people the use skills, and only apply the makeup on the forehead, nose, bridge, etc. Gently apply some highlights on the chin and smudge it with your fingers.


3. Mascara

Mascara with bulk glitter  effect is one of the most sought-after makeup items at the end of the year, it will make your makeup more festive, and the light emitted by the glitter will draw you closer in the blink of an eye The distance from strangers, so in glitter makeup products, glitter mascara is the most popular single product.


4. Eyeshadow

The use rate of glitter eyeshadow is the highest, and it will be applied in daily life. Even for daily work makeup, you can add some glitter  eyeshadow to make the overall feeling more lively, but the adhesion of glitter eyeshadow is relatively poor, so when using Be sure to apply an eye cream around the eyes first to prevent the glitter eyeshadow from coming off.


5. Lip Gloss

The glitter lip gloss with glitter particles will make the lip makeup more exaggerated and also have the effect of plumping the lips. However, if you use the glitter lip gloss, you must not apply other glitter cosmetic, otherwise the whole face will be glowing. 


Glitter Cosmetics Wholesale


Of course, there are many glitter products, some of which are relatively subtle pearls, such as some blush or liquid foundation. Flash products can really make girls more confident. It's time to get glitter just click here you can get free quote.

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