Application of degradable glitter powder

glitter powder English also known as south, also known as the gold and silver slice or flash, flash powder, is made of pure brightness is very high and different thickness of electroplating film materials through precision cutting, it is a unique surface treatment materials, there are a lot of different materials, including PET, PVC, OPP, metal materials such as aluminum and laser laser,The most environmentally friendly is PET, which can be produced in sizes ranging from 0.004 millimeters to 3 millimeters.

Biodegradable glitter powder and its applied widely, including arts and crafts, cosmetic, decorative materials production and screen printing industry, cloth leather and shoe or craft glass, polycrystalline glass, glass crystal ball, crystal decoration paint, furniture paint, toys, pens, and other fields, the characteristics of the glitter powder is to increase the product's visual effect,Make the decorative part of the beautiful and hierarchical sense more strong and three-dimensional, this material highly flash, will make the decoration become more bright and dazzling, luster countless.


Biodegradable glitter powder contains many colors, such as gold, silver, purple, green, blue and all sorts of single color other colors such as blue lake, also has the magic color, pearl color, such as laser color of iridescence effect, various departments and the protective layer of surface layer, the colour and lustre is bright and mildly corrosive chemicals on climate and temperature have certain resistance and temperature tolerance.


  • Application of degradable glitter powder

First, the use of glitter powder in home decoration.Gold onion powder is widely used in paint spray decoration, furniture spray decoration, and many indoor furnishings, murals, such as craft glass products, colored glass vases, polycrystalline glass and crystal balls, have a strong visual effect and experience, for our home life to add a lot of color.

Second, the use of gold onion powder on the wallpaper.Golden onion powder is a kind of scattered shining gold glitter powder, which is also obviously reflected in wallpaper, cloth art and printing. Nowadays, many wallpapers will use golden onion powder. Their characteristics of flash and reflection and diverse colors inject vitality into wallpaper, making the pattern and material of wallpaper more beautiful and diversified.


Third, glitter powder is also widely used in the field of cosmetics, including a variety of eye shadow, blush, highlight, nail polish and so on contain golden onion powder, make their color more diverse, but also more shining, for People's Daily life to add a lot of beauty, but also added a lot of fun in life.

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