Glitter Powder DIY Tips

Glitter powder is wildly used in daily decoration and crafts work, you can use the well-made ornaments in your home and office. Here I will give you some ideas!

  • Paper Roll Snowflakes


These paper roll snowflakes are pretty and no one would ever guess it is made from paper rolls, just prepare a scissor, some glue, and some glitter powder in your most favorite color, just feel free to use any kinds of glitter in various shape and size, such as, High-quality wholesale bulk glitter, Chameleon Glitter Powder, PET Glitter Powder, Silver & Gold Glitter Powder. You can make these amazing ornaments in no time at all. 




Layout your design before you start cutting the roll, so you can change your design before cutting and gluing. Start by pressing down the paper roll to flatten it.


Use a ruler to measure your cust, the thinner you make the strips, the more delicate the snowflake they will look, but you should keep in mind that the thicker strips are much easier for work. Use a pencil mark as a guide, and cut the strips, manage to cut 8 equally sized strips and you need 18 strips totally to complete your design. 


Start with 6 of these for the core of your snowflake and then build and design around it. To make some more intricate shapes, fold some of your strips in half, into V’s and place them in between the larger ones. Choose a small section of your design with 2-3 pieces. By gluing your snowflake in smaller sections, you will be able to get a more consistent coverage with the glue and glitter powder. Use the glue and gently press the strips together according to your design.


Pour some glue into a disposable plate, grab the strips one at a time and dip them into the glue, press down to make sure the entire surface is covered with the glue. Then, take the glitter powder out and make sure, dip them into the powder, all the surface is attached to the glitter, leave them to dry completely. Then you can finish assembling all the sections together, attach all the parts together, then you can finish your snowflake.



  • T-shirt DIY

You may cherish a unique T-shirt designed by yourselves, the material is not complicated, a simple white, black T-shirt, glitter letter film, flat iron.


Choose the material film, generally including PU lettering film, glitter lettering film, metal lettering film, flocking lettering film, luminous lettering film. Girls may like the bulk glitter effect, which is very eye-catching. For men, the metal effect is recommended. The hardcore is simple and very cool. First, draw the outline on a piece of A4 paper. Choose thinner A4 paper. Later, you need to trace the image to engrave the lettering film and transfer it to the T-shirt with an iron. The general temperature of the iron is increased to 160 to 170 degrees. Press the iron for more than 10 seconds, you can see the pattern will firmly attach to the T-shirt.

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