How does the color of ceramic tile and glitter powder of United States sew agent match?

How does the color of ceramic tile and glitter powder of United States sew agent match?

One: color classification of gold and onion powder of seaming agent


1, pearl powder series: ivory gold, shallow gold, flowing gold, shining gold, moonlight silver, coffee color, coffee brown.It is characterized by fine and smooth gold powder and more durable color.


2, sequins series, added is the golden onion powder: noble gold, dazzling gold, noble silver, champagne gold.The characteristic is that because it is rough gold, it will be brighter, and it will shine more in the light.


3. Pure color series, adding color paste: porcelain white, vanilla color and pearl black.These colors are close to car paint.


Many manufacturers have as many as dozens of colors on the color board, which is actually there to make up the number. For example, many flower green, blue and purple colors are easy to fade, and many of these dyes are not environmentally friendly.Try to choose the most common colors and you won't have many problems later on.



Two: ceramic tile and the United States sewing agent gold onion glitter powder collocation principle


1, let the ceramic tile reflect the effect of the frame.If the color of the ceramic tile is the same or close to that of the green gold onion powder, the whole ceramic tile is connected into a piece when seen from the door.


2, the ground is best to use the pearlescent powder type of seaming agent golden onion powder, this color because of the delicate, the surface is particularly smooth, the ground after mopping the ground also retains a very good luster.The patrician gold with sequins these, the surface is a little rough, long time accumulation of dust, covered the color and lustre of the United States sewing agent gold onion powder.


3. The kitchen and bathroom are generally made of porcelain white, which looks relatively fresh and clean.


4, bedroom wood grain floor, it is best to use shining gold or gold, or porcelain white, coffee (wood and antique brick on both sides must play the United States to sew wax or paper can do the United States sew).