Several methods of using glitter powder

1, super flash monochrome

Flash powder is the most common use method, compared with the general flash powder nail polish glue, its advantage is that the effect is more bright, the amount of flash powder can be allocated by themselves, the price is very cheap.

Operation method:

1. Sprinkle glitter on the undried base color and let dry.

2. Brush a layer of reinforcement adhesive or phototherapy adhesive.

3. After drying, polish until the nail surface is smooth and the upper layer is sealed.

4. Common flash powder can be applied, shining effect UPUP.

Here are some common styles that can be used to brighten your fingertips with color jumping, or as a base and match for your style.


2, flash powder gradient


It is also a more common practice. The gradual transition effect made of flash powder is natural. The fingertips are very flash and many people like it.This fineness of the powder will be!


Operation method:


After the base color is applied, gently sprinkle the glitter over the top of the nail to shape the coat. Dry and apply the coat.


To make a natural transition effect, you need a fine flash powder.Mall in the "laser powder", "laser fine powder" series can be used in this way.


Monochrome gradual change is very suitable for customers who like simple and temperamental manicure. In autumn and winter, white and silver gradual change has the feeling of snow. We must not miss it!


3, fine flash aurora effect


The more advanced technique requires a very delicate flash powder, to create a uniform gloss of the fine flash effect, super common in Japanese manicure!The pearl color that usually says, mermaid color, aurora color, can be made with this kind of gimmicks.Use a super fine powder!


Operation method:


Dab a little of the seal on the background color, then dip a brush in a very small amount of the powder and pat evenly.Allow to dry and apply the coat.


Mall in the "super fine star flash powder" applicable to this method, its powder is super fine, has reached the level of eye shadow!


4. High-order modeling

More advanced manicurists use glitter with styles.Use different glitter to add layers and make the nail look more advanced. 

In addition, still can use flash powder to scatter on the line that draw the outline of again according to dry, make modelling more solid.


5. Creative glue mixing

Combine different glitter powder and nail polish glue, match color as you like, and you can match a lot of different new glue in minutes!

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