The benefits of using solvent-resistant glitter powder to dress up Christmas ornaments

"Christmas", a traditional festival spread from the West to the world, brings people infinite hope and daydream space, but at the same time, it is increasingly pursuing "fun beauty".Want to create a romantic white Christmas in a rare moment of snow?Want to easily have a colorful Christmas feeling at home?Want to bring warmth and comfort to your family and friends' Christmas party?

In fact, to achieve these, it is not difficult, at present the world on a variety of decorative materials can help you easily create fashionable and exquisite Christmas environment, so that your home immediately "Christmas" up.Fluttering Christmas candles, twinkling lights, and a nicely decorated Christmas tree, all these colorful Christmas decorations will add to the festive atmosphere and add to the joy and happiness of your family and friends.


Method one: use solvent - resistant  glitter powder to dress up Christmas ornaments


The characteristic of  glitter powder is to enhance the visual effect of products;Make adornment part concave and convex have level, have stereoscopic feeling more.A special or striking effect, as decorative or reflective.


 glitter powder can be used for Christmas ornaments by injection, screen printing, coating and spraying.Paper bag packaging;CARDS;Couplet;The first act the role ofing is tasted;Cosmetics;Paint chemical industry;Glass technology;Cloth printing;Screen printing;Clothing;Shoe materials and leather accessories and other industries.

Method two: the use of bronzing paper to beautify Christmas ornaments

The characteristics of hot stamping paper is that the packaging and printing products after hot stamping have achieved good results in glossiness, three-dimensional sense, metallic sense and anti-counterfeiting performance, especially the three-dimensional hot stamping technology, which is more and more widely used at present, so that the packaging of goods appears high-grade and exquisite, magnificent and full of personality.


At present, the products are mainly used in greeting cards, bookmarks, trademarks, tobacco and wine packaging and various high-grade packaging boxes.

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