The use of light resistant glitter powder in life

People may have some eyes on fastening glitter powder, fastening gold onion powder is what?

May also daydream to green onion, then you are wrong, green onion powder is a widely used powder raw materials, also known as flash, flash glitter  powder, size is not 0.004 mm to 3 mm can be made, the use of a wide range of boundaries, wonderful color in the sun more bright color.It has certain resistance to climate and temperature and high temperature resistance, and even has certain corrosion resistance to some mild Fushihua chemicals.About the golden onion powder, its use boundary is too ordinary, adornment, paint, ink, leather, printing, cosmetics, handicrafts, clothes, sports and sports articles, toys, and so on.Still an indispensable raw material for survival, though the powdery substances are not commonly exposed, the products they conceal are certainly relevant to survival.

Girls love manicure, now the manicure color is diverse, among which there is a flash pink nail polish, much love girls, painted on the nails feel that their own is the comparison of the United States.It is a nail polish made from shallot powder.

Christmas is coming, send each other CARDS between friends, starting in the company of adornment in the home, all sorts of small adorn article, hung on the Christmas tree in the corner of the silver snow, golden ball ball, there are color gift box, shining above all covers a layer of powder, Christmas tree was decorated with this this plain, it is glitter powder.

Be free and at leisure start embroider cross - stitch, stitch a line embroider good a plan mount up?After mounting, you will find that cross-stitch than before just embroidered a lot of sparkly embellishment.This is also the achievement of glitter powder.

The use of glitter powder boundary so wide, in the survival is a kind of attitude of the tonic, wonderful color brought people a colorful life.


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