2021 new 1kg bag of ink blue metallic nail art glitter tumbler with glitter nail accessories DIY Eco-Friendly material

Products Description
B0 series Metallic glitter
Product: Pure Color Glitter Size: 1/128'' 1mm(Can produce 1/4``-1/500'')

Thickness: 50um
Material: Eco-Friendly, PET

Color:Ink blue metallic glitter B0716 Description: The difference between the pure color glitters and the holographic glitters is that the holographic reflects the rainbow and the pure color reflects the single color.
Application: Suitable for nail arts, body makeup, hair decoration, glitter slimes, resin art and craft, etc.
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1.How long is your delivery time?
Generally 3-5 days. Sometimes according to quantity.

2.How many sizes will you provide?
Fine , Chunky,(1/4-1/1000) mixes, 300 type of shapes
1/4¡±(6.0mm),1/6"(5.0mm),1/8¡±(3.0mm), 1/10¡±(2.5mm), 1/12¡±(2.0mm), 1/16¡±(1.5mm), 1/24¡±(1.0mm),
1/32¡±(0.8mm),1/40¡±(0.6mm),1/64¡±(0.4mm), 1/96(0.3mm), 1/128¡±(0.2mm), 1/170¡±(0.15mm),1/256¡±(0.1mm), 1/360¡±(0.08mm), 1/500¡±(0.05mm).

3.Do you provide samples?
Yes,but you need to pay for shipping .

4.Do you offer OEM or ODM?
Yes. And we have quantity requirements.