Glittersmall Holographic Glitter Set 15 Of Color (Total 150g)

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Product: General Mixed Holographic Glitter Set

10g x 15 Bags of Glitter Total 150g (thickness: 50um)
Size: 0.2/0.3/0.4/1/2.5mm hexagon mixed (15 Kinds Of Color)

Original price: $2.99 x 15 total $44.85
Now just only $13.99

  • Holographic Silver Glitter LB0100
  • Holographic Black Glitter LB01000
  • Holographic Light Purple Glitter LB0802
  • Holographic Red Glitter LB0300
  • Holographic Hazy Pink Glitter LB0911
  • Holographic Rose Red Glitter LB0912
  • Holographic Teal Green Glitter LB0702
  • Holographic Pink Glitter LB0901
  • Holographic Green Glitter LB0600
  • Holographic Sea Blue Glitter LB0709
  • Holographic Copper Glitter LB0401
  • Holographic Deep Blue Glitter LB0705
  • Holographic Purple Glitter LB0800
  • Holographic Grass Green Glitter LB0601
  • Holographic Gold Glitter LB0210

Material: Eco-Friendly, PET, Heat-resistance

Description: This is the most commonly used monochrome size mixed glitters, Usually it is a mix of 3 sizes. For better visual effects, we have increased to 5 sizes. Apply to resin, paint, slime, nails, eyeshadow or body makeup.

Application: Suitable for nail arts, body makeup, hair decoration, glitter slimes, resin art and craft, etc.

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