2×2 Glitter Holo Shards (Flakes) Holographic Pigment Pink Glitter Solvent Resistant SLG006


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Quick Details

The photographer cannot capture the holographic effect. Please search the color number: SLG006 on the website for the holographic effect of the same color product.

Product: Cellophane Flakes Shard Glitter

Size: 2x2mm (thickness: 16um)

Material: Eco-Friendly. Ultra-thin PET. Cosmetic grade

Solvent Resistance: Yes
For use in conventional organic solvents of various polarities including cyclohexanone. anhydrous ethanol. aromatic hydrocarbons and acetates. like nail polish.

Color: Holographic Pink

Description: The thickness of the glitter material determines the brightness of the reflectance. Ultra thin materials are more reflective than thick materials (Tested: not easy to sink in resin). It’s the best as a holographic color pigment for resin. paint. slime. nails. lip gloss. or eyeshadow makeup.

Application: Cosmetic grade. Mix colors. color balance or add nail polish. suitable for nail arts. body. hair decoration. glitter slimes. resin art and craft. etc.

Additional information

Additional information


2x2mm-10g / 0.35oz, 2x2mm-140g / 5oz, 2x2mm-20g / 0.7oz, 2x2mm-450g / 1lb, 2x2mm-55g / 2oz, 2x2mm-85g / 3oz, Wholesale price / 1000g

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2×2 Glitter Holo Shards (Flakes) Holographic Pigment Pink Glitter Solvent Resistant SLG006
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