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How to choose a craft glitter store

Are you really confused in choosing among a massive selection of glitter? This article will help you select the best and right glitter for yourself and how to apply it correctly.

Most delicate glitter for your face:
Fine craft glitter is like fairy dust. If you throw them in the air, you can see them becoming the sparkling haze that will flow very slowly down to the ground, dancing and shimmering, and you will love the way they shine in the thin air. These glitters are the finest form of glitters. They are easily available in different stores, and they are invisible until the lights hit them. One of the varieties is that they have solid colors that reflect with entirely different shades and sparkles. You can find all of these varieties in makeup, paint, nail polish, pieces of jewelry, and fashion accessories stores.

These glitters are very difficult to use because once they go flying, it is nearly impossible to catch every speck of it. Because of its great details, they are very useful for up close and personal applications. These tiny glitters are so delicate that you may not see them from another room or from some distance.

They are available in flake size of .008” and flake shape of Hexagon.

Extra Fine glitters:
Extra fine glitters are available in a wide range of colors, and they have excellent coverage. These glitters can be very difficult to distinguish from the most delicate glitters. You can differentiate between both by seeing the price of each. Finest glitters are a bit more expensive than extra fine glitters, but they still have some worth seeing sparkles and colors.

The ideal use for these extra-fine glitters is that they can give a really great look for your eyes without overwhelming your eyes. You can find these glitters from every kind of fashion accessories like shoes, clothes, handbags, bracelets, etc.

These extra fine glitters are available in the flake size of .015” and flake shape of Hexagon.

Fine glitters:
Fine glitters are available in a wide range of colors and sparkles. They are easy to work with and give excellent coverage. They are very famous and most used glitters because of their reasonable price and beautiful range.

Fine glitters are the classical item of glitters; they are significantly less expensive, give excellent coverage, more comprehensive color selection, and are very easy to apply and remove. All of these qualities make them the ideal glitters. They are straightforward to clean up than extra fine or most delicate glitters, but they lack some details because of their sparkle size and shapes.

They are available in flake size of .40” and flake shapes of Hexagon and Random cut.

Medium glitters:
These medium glitters are widely used in stage shows, theatres, or play, where the viewers can see these glitters from a distance of more than 10 feet. These glitters come in a small range of colors, and they have very low prices and are very easy to be cleaned.

They are available in the flake size of .62” and flake shapes of Hexagon and Square.

Large glitters:
These glitters are quite beautiful when they are seen from a distance of more than 10 feet because of their size and color reflections. They are widely used in venue performances, the large scale of coverage, business advertising, street signs, parades, etc. They are available in a limited range of sizes and colors. They have excellent visibility, and they are beautiful for the viewers from a distance of more than 10 feet.

They are available in the flake size of .125″ and the flake shapes of Hexagon, square, heart, rounded, donut, and moon.

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