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The Best Iridescent Pigments for Breathtaking Effects

Make your best artworks stand out even more by adding iridescent pigments to your palette. Manufactured in powder form, typically out of finely ground mica powder, these pigments come in dozens of colors and are incredibly versatile. You can incorporate them into practically any water-based mediums for eye-catching effects, with the mica particles interacting with light to create crystalline finishes. Not all pigments are made equal; below, find a selection of tried-and-true products.

1. Jacquard Pearl Ex Powder Pigments

Jacquard’s pigments are easy to spread and mix with almost any medium, making them an excellent go-to when you need a little shine in your art. Add this powdered mica to acrylic paint, polymer clay, resin, slime, and more; a single brush of the stuff can transform matte colors into eye-catching metallic hues. This set comes with six vibrant colors, from antique silver to super copper, stored in convenient pots.

2. Black Diamond Pigments Variety Pack

If having a lot of color options is a top priority, go with Black Diamond’s product. This set includes 10 resealable baggies filled with pigment powder in deep blue, emerald green, purple, and other appealing shades. Just a pinch is needed to create noticeable iridescent effects in acrylic pours, resin casts, and a multitude of other projects. Our only gripe is the packaging—though aesthetically pleasing, the design causes pigments to get stuck in the seal, where they risk going to waste.

3. Faber-Castell Gelatos Iridescents Set

If you love mixed-media projects, consider these unique color sticks from Faber-Castell. A kid-friendly medium that shares properties with crayons, chalks, and watercolors, Gelatos can be used alone for dry, creamy coverage or mixed with water for a softer, blended look. Each color carries a subtle shimmer to further jazz up your page. We also like the convenience of this form: As your stick shortens with use, simply twist its end to reveal more pigment. Or, hide the stick for safe and mess-free travel.

4. Stardust Micas Pigment Powder

If your primary purpose for iridescent pigments is to create products for the human body, be it soap, makeup, nail polish, or bath bombs, we recommend Stardust’s pigment powder. This shimmery mica dust can safely come into contact with human skin, and it mixes well with oils and other powders to yield clump-free mixtures. The resulting visuals are ethereal and intense, staying true to color while boasting shine that lasts.

5. Paint With Pearl Paint Pigment

Paint with Pearls’ pigments deliver different opalescent effects, depending on the base color. Mix it into a paint or resin to add a tinctured effect that appears almost like a colored reflection. Depending on how much pigment you add, you can achieve subtle or intense highlights. Like the competition, this is a versatile medium that you can mix with different kinds of paint, resin, and even nail polish.

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