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The best (sustainable) glitter eyeshadows to level up your out-out makeup

Nothing says “ready for a good time” quite like glitter eyeshadow. Sparkle-spattered eyelids are just plain fun, aren’t they? But they can also be seriously chic, too.

Turns out, glitter’s grown up quite a bit since we first caked ourselves in it at Glasto – both in terms of the formulas (more on that later) and the aesthetic. Sure, there will always be a place for glitter at festivals, but what about in our every day makeup routines?

If you ask us, the trickiest bit about glitter eyeshadow isn’t pulling it off (there’s plenty of inspo below), but finding eco alternatives. Glitter has come under fire for its environmental impact because, unsurprisingly, all those tiny plastic particles in the ocean are bad news for our sea life. If you want to be more conscious about the glitter you choose, we’ve got you. Ingredients to watch out for include polyethylene terephthalate, or PET (the plastic particles often found in glittery eyeshadow) and in its place are plant cellulose alternatives that offer up chunky or fine glitter particles that biodegrade when exposed to moisture, oxygen and micro-organisms.

The best biodegradable glitter for festivalgoers who want to save the planet
Alternatively, you can opt for glitter-effect shimmers, foils and metallics which offer sparkly lids but without the graininess (bonus: they’re more comfortable to wear). For this, look out for mica a natural mineral that can create a shimmer and fluorphlogopite a plastic-free, synthetic replica of mica which gives eyeshadows their sparkle. To help, we’ve rounded up our fave eco-glitter eyeshadows below.
9 ways to wear glitter eyeshadow…
We’ve seen some of our fave influencers introducing glitz into their makeup bags in a majorly wearable way. The trick? Keep skin looking fresh, clean and pared back with dewy tinted moisturisers or buffed foundations and glossy, minimal lip shades. Then trace glitter across your lash line as a single accent for a nod to the trend.

A little glow & a little glitter ✨ (I couldn’t find this glitter & I don’t think it’s sold anymore!! but mix up your favorite sparkles and you’d probably get something fun ?). Also this Bare Glow (PR) moisture balm is such a nice, moisturizing base! It doesn’t feel heavy & gives a nice healthy radiance. Also, can confirm that every shade of multitint (PR) is the best blush ever ??.

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