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Wholesale bulk glitter from glittersmall

The application of glitter powder is very wide, and we have talked a lot about it in the previous blog. If you have an idea to make your product more attractive to customers, it’s time to consider wholesale glitter powder from Kings New Material.

Home improvement industry

No one is unfamiliar with the frequency of use of glitter powder, such as the beauty seam used in johnson glazed ceramic wall tiles, family TV background Diatom mud glitter powder for walls and bedroom background walls. Compared with wallpapers and coatings, diatom mud glitter powder has various advantages. It is not only a natural decoration material, environmental protection, but also can adjust indoor humidity, fire retardant, and heat insulation. Noise, release negative oxygen ions. In addition, you can also see it on paint decoration and furniture spray painting.

greeting card with glitter

Paper decoration

On holiday greeting cards, New Year pictures and OEM lip gloss packaging box  flashing decorations and so on, Adding glitter powder for decoration makes this product more three-dimensional and more attractive.

glitter powder in t-shirts

Apparel industry

Do you remember your short sleeves in summer? Some patterns on the chest or back contain glitter. I think many people may choose this dress because of the dazzling feeling brought by the glitter powder. Whether there are sequins in the dance skirts when you were young or the dance skirts you bought for your children, this is also glitter powder, but their size is relatively large, some dances need these sequins to support them, and even some evening wedding dress also contains glitter. In addition, some backpacks, or bulk toilet bags that need to be carried on travel , some parts of them are coated with glitter powder.

glitter cosmetics

Beauty industry

This is undoubtedly the most familiar to girls. Nail polish(cosmetic grade glitter for nails) on their hands, OEM eyeshadow on their faces, highlight, lip gloss etc. In the 80s and 90s, bride hairpieces also had glitter powder, which was more festive. In the past, only stage performers preferred to use glitter eyeshadow. With the passage of time and the diversification of fashion, sequin eyeshadow is the most popular in recent years, and people’s pursuit of beauty is not limited.

Holiday application

Christmas in the West is as lively as our Chinese New Year. On this day, they presented the most beautiful and festive decorations. Whether it is decorative balls or Christmas trees, Christmas gifts, people can think of places where glitter powder can be put on glitter powder.

Packing bag

The flat bottom pouch of some foods also contains glitter powder. Since glitter powder has a bright effect formed by adding a plastic film and a coating, it has a wide range of applications in the food packaging industry. However, glitter powder is strictly prohibited to be added to food. With the continuous development of science and technology, the application of glitter powder in the entire field will become more and more extensive.

Of course, there are still many industries that are not covered in this article, but you can try everything you can think of to make your product more beautiful. Remember, you can’t eat it. Just click here and you can wholesale glitter materials.

Is glitter powder environmentally friendly?

If glitter powder products are applied to the skin, this is naturally everyone’s most concern. Is glitter powder environmentally friendly? Glitter powder has environmental protection series, high temperature and low temperature, laser, colorful, fluorescent onion powder and so on. The variety is abundant and the price is reasonable.

It is recommended that you consult the manufacturer when buying, they will recommend and provide you with corresponding products according to your requirements, and some are not environmentally friendly. There are also high temperature and low temperature resistance, so you must make your requirements clear before buying.

Is Kings New Material a professional glitter powder supplier?

Yes. we are professional in integrating the design, development and production of PET,PVC,AlUMINUM, LASER, RAINBOW series, which are acid-resisting, alkali-resisting and high temperature resistant,widely used for Christmas crafts, paper printing, jewelry, cosmetics, screen printing, paint chemicals, glass, fabric printing, leather,and cloths accessories etc. Our production team pay high attention to top quality, timely delivery, competitive pricing for each global valued customer.

Our products have been certified by the following organizations, such as SGS. MSDS.ROHS. And we have 10-year experience in this line of business and have a deep understanding of quality and service.

Can I get the factory price?

If you purchase a large quantity, we will provide you with the factory price. The specific quantity needs to be negotiated.

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