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What is the use of Holographic glitter?

What is the use of Holographic glitter?


Holographic glitter makes bright shinny while under the light. It works on the principal of Diffuse Reflection of the light.


How  to see red galaxy in the room just switch off the light and switch on the laser light.Laser glitter also make party lights very bling-bling.


Holographic glitter, also name as laser glitter, is formed by holographic film treated by vacuum plating, high temperature coloring and machinery precise cutting in order.


In fact, there is a big difference between holo glitter and polyester glitter. There is a micro embossed metallized polyester film, which used to precision cut into Glitter Flakes. The Holographic reflection is obtained by the reflection of light giving a kind of changing colour effect to the glitter.



Glitter pigment powder is a very versatile powdery material, also known as a glittering flakes. Its size is in the range of 0.004 mm to 3 mm. The use of a wide line of color makes the color more vivid in the sun. It has certain resistance to weather and temperature, high temperature resistance, and even some corrosion resistance to some slightly corroded chemicals.



Glitter powder flakes has a wide range of uses, such as decorations, paints, inks, leather, printing, cosmetics, handicrafts, clothing, cultural and sports goods, toys, and so on. It is still an indispensable raw material in life. Although powdery substances are not usually in contact, the products they cover are sure to be related to survival.



Girls love nail art. Nowadays, the color of nail art is varied. Among them, there is glitter nail polish, which is popular among girls. It is nail polish made of nail glitter powder.



Christmas is coming, friends send greeting cards to each other, and there are all kinds of small ornaments hanging on the Christmas tree in the house or in the store. Silver snowflakes, golden balls, and small colored gift boxes have a layer of cover on them. The sparkling powder, decorated with this ordinary Christmas tree, is also the achievement of glitter powder.


The use of glitter powder is so wide that it is a kind of adjustment in life, and the wonderful colors bring people a colorful life.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, glitter powder and various industries have been seriously affected, the global supply chains are unstable, and raw materials have risen sharply.

In this difficult environment, the operation of the companies has been challenged unprecedentedly. GlittersMall has developed a new product what suitable for the art paint industry through the painstaking efforts of scientific research and technical engineers. bulk glitter

The feature of this product is that it will not be covered by the titanium dioxide of the coating solution after long-term immersion in the solution of acrylic and latex paint. It can maintain the flickering characteristics of bright silver when spraying the art paint wall, adding more chooses to the future art paint industry in future!


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