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Cosmetic Glitter vs. Craft Glitter

Glitter is one of those ingredients that we love to use to bring a little flash and excitement to cosmetics. It can be used in lotions and cremes to add just a little shimmer, to lip gloss for extra sparkle, or just directly on the skin for dramatic and eye-catching make-up effects. If you shop at craft stores or online, you may be tempted to buy a new exciting glitter shape or size or color but cosmetic glitter and craft glitter are not at all the same. Using craft glitter for skin or hair can be downright dangerous.

Craft Glitter
Craft glitter comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. It’s generally made with materials that will “hold” themselves to craft projects and is colored with a wide variety of dyes. This makes using craft glitter in cosmetics very tempting. You may see a shape or a color that is absolutely unique and beautiful, but if you use craft glitter in your cosmetics you may be in for a nasty surprise. Craft glitter is designed and made to be used in crafting, the materials used to make the glitter have not been approved by the FDA. Not only could you be in trouble with the FDA, but you may also find that the materials used cause skin irritation or the color used may bleed onto the skin. Even worse, you could cause skin damage by using a shape that cuts the skin or the material used to make the craft glitter may include metal shavings. Imagine rubbing metal shavings into your skin – Ouch! For these reasons it’s very important to stick with cosmetic glitter.

Cosmetic Glitter
While the FDA hasn’t approved “glitter” as a cosmetic ingredient, it does regulate and approve color and materials that can be used in cosmetics and this includes the color and materials for cosmetic glitter. Cosmetic glitter is made from plastics to not cut the skin and is dyed with FDA approved colorants that will not bleed onto the skin. Cosmetic glitter is also made into shapes that don’t include sharp corners that could damage skin or possibly eyes if applied to the eye area. Although, you should use extreme caution when applying anything to the eye area.

Try out this fun recipe for an amazing and easy to make Glitter Stick!

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