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Bulk glitter wholesale, We Support a variety of packaging

Up to now, we have more than 1000 colors, 300 kinds of glitter products, and more than 1,000 kinds of mixed series products independently developed. We support retail and wholesale.

If you need to place very large orders , More than 1Kg per SKU product,you are welcome to contact us for details and a custom quote. We specialize in bulk sales and are able to offer a fast turnaround and competitive rates.

1. MOQ(Minimum Quantity): More than 1Kg per SKU product

2. OEM Service: We have our own R&D and design department, so we can provide customized products or OEM services for customers with customized needs. Such as various colors, shapes, mixing products and packaging. To meet your personalized customization needs.

3. Supported packaging methods:

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